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GED Test Prep

The GED exam is comprised of four subtests.  The four exams do not have to be taken in one sitting but can be taken however best suits your needs. Bassett Adult School is an authorized test center offering testing every Thursday and Friday.
The total cost for all four subjects is $140.  The price per subtest is $35.
Requirements to register:
  • Age 18+ or 60 days prior to 18th birthday.
  • Valid California government photo ID.
  • Valid credit card for online test registration.
  • Set-up an account at https://ged.com/
The GED will test you on...
  • Mathematical Reasoning
    • Basic Math
    • Geometry
    • Basic Algebra
    • Graphs and Functions
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts
    • Reading for Meaning
    • Identifying and Creating Arguments
    • Grammar and Language
  • Social Studies
    • Reading for Meaning in Social Studies
    • Analyzing Historical Events and Arguments in Social Studies
    • Using Numbers and Graphs in Social Studies
  • Science
    • Reading for Meaning in Science
    • Designing and Interpreting Science Experiments
    • Using Numbers and Graphs in Science

Steps for the GED...

  1. Enroll for your test at https://ged.com/
    1. Select Bassett Adult School as your testing center.
    2. Pay $35 per subtest or $140 for all four exams.
    3. Come in to take the exam at our Media Center. 
    4. The high school counselor will meet with the student to review the results and offer additional resources.

Prepare for your exam with...

  • GED Ready
    • Go online and register for the practice exam (cost of $6) at https://ged.com/study/ged_ready/
    • Check your results. 
      • Likely to pass (145-200)
        • You're likely to pass, schedule right away! 
      • Too close to call (134-144)
        • You're almost ready, just a little more practice.
      • Not likely to pass (100-133)
        • You'll want to spend more time preparing.  Save time by focusing only on what you need to learn.
  • GED Test Prep
    • This teacher-led course will help students prepare for the GED.  The course will review the various subjects below on specified days.  The course includes practiced GED exams, computer-assisted programs, individual tutoring, and counseling sessions. 
      • Register for the GED Test Prep class(es).
      • Students take the CASAS pre-test.
      • After testing, students complete the registration process for GED test prep.

GED Test Prep Class Schedule

Days Subject Time Location
Monday Language Arts 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Rm 2
Tuesday Science 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Rm 2
Wednesday Math 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Rm 2
Thursday Social Studies 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Rm 2
Office Hours
Counselor: Mrs. Marlen Martinez
(626) 931-3103
  • Monday through Thursday
  • 8 AM to 2 PM AND
  • 4 PM to 7 PM
Office staff is bilingual in Spanish!
Learn more today! 
(626) 931-3106.