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Business Occupations

This class is designed for students that are just interested in learning Introductions to Computers, Keyboarding, and basic Microsoft applications.
Introduction to Computers: This course is for absolute beginners to personal computers (PCs). Learn the basics of the MS Windows 10 operating system, creating/saving files, applications, computer terminology, working with email and attachments, etc.
Keyboarding: Beginning typing classes are designed to help people who simply want to type better or who want a career in a secretarial or administrative position, where the ability to type quickly and accurately is necessary. Typing training, this course starts with finger placement and provides an overview of how to type different letters, numbers, and symbols quickly, accurately, and without looking at a keyboard.
Basic Microsoft Word 2019: This class is designed for working adults with some experience in Microsoft Word. Courses will include basic review, merging documents, creating tables, report techniques, headers/footers, working with themes, and much more. 
Basic Microsoft Excel 2019: Learn how to create spreadsheets with text and formulas. The class will include basic function commands, formatting, charts, and simple calculations.
Basic Microsoft PowerPoint 2019: Basic Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 is a presentation program designed to introduce those wanting to learn how to create dynamic presentations. This class includes text creation, inserting pictures/clipart, animation, sound, and more. Great for office and home projects. 
Next Class: January 11 to June 2, 2021.  

Business Occupations Class Schedule

Days Time Location Instructor
M - Th 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Rm 14

For more information please attend an orientation held Wednesdays at 10 AM. No appointments required, or call us at (626) 931-3102.