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Advanced Private Security

Security is one of the fastest-growing industries in the State of California. The Security Academy Curriculum at Bassett Adult School is short term training designed and focused on preparing the student for a career in Private Security. Instructors are all former or current security officers with an extensive amount of experience. All classes listed are authorized by BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) and thought with state credential instructors.  The wage range per hour is $16.50 to $16.90.
Advanced Private Security (with Active Shooter Response Training)
128 Hours
This program provides comprehensive knowledge to perform the basic duties of a private security guard. Students obtain the BSIS permits for security guard, baton permit, O/C pepper spray, firearms permits, use of force, arrest search and seizure, weaponless defense, civil liability, CPR/First Aid and much more to perform the duties of an entry-level private security guard. Including active shooter response training.
Security - Guard Card with State Mandated Classes
40 Hours

This course provides the initial powers to arrest class plus the additional state-mandated 32 hours of training for a total of 40 hours. Classes include Public Relations, Observation and Documentation, Communications, Legal Liabilities, and more.

Security - BSIS Firearms Training and Permit (Must have valid Guard Card)
24 Hours
This three-day course is designed to certify anyone with a valid BSIS guard card and the permit to carry an exposed firearm while in the line of duty. The course will include a safety class on the various types of handguns. The course consists of shooting range fees, ammo and gun rentals for a 38/.357 revolver, 9 mm semi-automatic and .40 semi-automatic, 45 semi-automatics may be added for an additional cost.
Security - BSIS Baton Training and Permits (Must have valid Guard Card)
16 Hours

This comprehensive 16-hour course is designed to certify anyone who possesses a valid BSIS guard card and the legal permit to carry a baton while in the line of duty. The course will cover the proper use of a straight, side handle and expandable batons. Practical applications will be included in the class.

Security - School Security SB1626
24 Hours
This is a state-mandated course that allows a valid guard cardholder to work in a school, college, or university environment. This three-day course will cover roles and responsibilities, laws and liability, security awareness in the educational environment, mediation/conflict resolution, and dynamics of student behavior.

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old prior to the start of the class
  • Valid California Drivers License/ Identification Card
  • Pass a Department of Justice and FBI background check
  • Must have a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Pass a Assessment Evaluation with PSI for Firearms Permits
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Security Class Schedule

Days Time Location
M - F 8:00AM-4:30PM Rm B

Bassett Adult School is an Eligible Training Provider in the State of California and is a partner with EDD, TAA/ TRA, Department of Rehabilitation, Workman’s compensation and CSAAVE, California State Approving Agency for the Veteran Education.

VA Facility Code: 15-0162-05
State Provider ID: 2684
State Course Code: 43010911000011

Training may be free for those who qualify. 

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