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High School Diploma Programs

High School Diploma (HSD)

Earn your high school diploma for free!  Day and evening classes are available along with free childcare.  Update and review your skills to prepare for college and your career.  College and career financial aid advisement are also available.

Cyber High

Earn your high school diploma for free online!  Tutoring is available for this flexible program.  Cyber High is specifically for independent learners.  Numerous classes are available.  

GED Test Prep

The GED exam is comprised of four subtests.  The four exams do not have to be taken in one sitting but can be taken however best suits your needs. Bassett Adult School is an authorized test center offering testing every Thursday and Friday.

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

ABE helps you improve your basic skills for job placement as well as prepares you for your high school diploma.  The program is divided into Mathematics and English Language Arts. 
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